5 Reasons Why you should grab your Clever Limited Edition pair now!

Every day we find new trends, new collections and sometimes is hard to choose the right one. Here you’ll find 5 reasons why Clever Limited Edition Underwear is the right decision for you.

Clever Limited Edition is created thinking in covering all the needs and bases to offer the most comfortable men’s underwear. At the same time, when you acquire a Limited Edition garment, you can be sure it is a special design produce in low numbers, so you are investing in goods that just a few can own. And we love that exclusivity, don’t we?

Let’s face it, with a market growing up so fast, sometimes we get saturated of products, and we end up buying things that we didn’t need or in the end wasn’t the best choice for us. We just want to help you to be a smart buyer keeping in mind the most important aspects when you are going to invest in new underwear.



In Clever we care about using the best quality fabrics. Underwear for men must cover two important issues always: Comfort and Support. And fabrics play a starring role here. Microfiber works perfect for those aspects. In one side, is quick dry and keeps moisture away, so you will be sure you will stay fresh as long as you use the garment. It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you are performing. Even if it is working out, at the gym, jogging, or just to stay at the office the whole day. That’s why microfiber is the best option for athletes.

On the other side, the smooth touch and delicacy of the microfiber offers a nice feeling of softness. Your assets will be protected at the same time that you experience a good sensation. It doesn’t itch, it just slips against your figure in a kindly way, enhancing your silhouette and being as soft as cotton. 



Basic underwear is a must-have in every drawer, and we know which styles are preferred for our customers: Boxer Briefs and Briefs are the more demanding designs for men’s underwear. Our Clever Limited Edition centers in offering these two shapes but combined with other factors that will have as result an exclusive piece just a few can get. Every limited Edition Collection is created thinking of giving our customers the best. Both designs are low rise, keeping a modern line, the fitting is perfect for a large variety of bodies, and both provide the right coverage you need.



No matter the style, the cut, or the underwear design you prefer, the pouch was designed to give us extra flexible space in the front of the garment so your package could feel freer but supported. The pouch also enhances your manhood, making it a plus when you get this type of underwear. Some of the other benefits besides support are breathability, isolation, no chafing, cooling, and the underwear won’t roll in the leg area. So, as you can see, our Clever Limited Edition Collection is the perfect option for getting the best to keep your privates in the most comfortable way.



Clever Limited Edition outfits are the sum of different factors that combined give us the perfect exclusive garments we want to offer to you. The patterns, prints, and colors add the final touch, keeping an elegant and stylish line, the colors and prints used on this specific selection are not common to find in any other collections. They are fun, unique, and vibrant at the same time they keep that neat and clean line that makes them distinguished items to collect.



Clever Moda is always looking for improving the quality of the products, that’s why we use the best fibers, fabrics, and manufactory to designs incredibly sexy and elegant men’s underwear. Made in Colombia and using Colombian fabrics we are delivering a product that will be long-lasting, comfortable, fashionable, and ultra-modern styled so you can acquire not just a beautiful outfit, but you are investing in clothes that were created thinking about every little detail to be the perfect fit for you.

Don't forget to choose your Clever Limited Edition pair before they're gone!

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