10 Men's Underwear Questions you Always Wanted to Know About

If you wonder you were the only one having doubts about men’s underwear, well, you’re not. Underwear is one of the most used garments in every closet, wardrobe or drawer, but, nobody talks about it, and let’s face it, we all had some questions, doubts or issues related with this topic.

Am I choosing the right style? What aspects are most relevant when buying underwear? Why it itches? This is just a few of the most common questions we have but we are too shy to ask. When it comes to underwear, it is better to be clear to make the best choice.



This is an eternal dilemma, we all have different body types, and our daily routines are not the same from each other, but the elemental and simple answer is: Use something that makes you feel comfortable.

Are you working out every day on the gym? So your needs are going to focus on support and fabrics that keeps you fresh to avoid moisture in your intimate area, and depending on the activity, Jockstraps could be an excellent choice. Looking for something more classic? Trunks then.

Are you going to the office for the whole day? So you need soft materials and a good fitting. Nothing that is too tight. Maybe you can decide between some Briefs or Boxer Briefs to keep it classic, using neutral or solid colors that are easier to combine with your daily clothes.

If you are already using some other styles like bikinis or thongs and it makes you feel comfortable on your daily activities, you already nailed this topic. It is all about taste, and what makes you feel sexy and into your comfort zone. And, of course, if you want to add more styles, you can try as many as you want, but do smart investments and start adding just a few garments in each purchase, so you can take your time and get used to the new things.


Believe me, almost everybody had this issue more than once. What can cause this? Hygiene is fundamental on this case, keeping your skin clean and fresh is hyper-relevant, if your skin has for example, soap residues, it can develop irritation. Even if your underwear has some remains of detergent it can be a cause too. So make sure that all the elements combined are properly clean to avoid this annoying subject.

Right sizing is another key, if you wear too tight underwear, this can carry to the itching problem due the fabric rubbing your skin every time you move, so this is why is so important using something that really fits with your figure. Another itching reason can be the fabric. Check if your underwear fabric keeps you cool or if by the contrary, it’s heating your intimate area more than usual. Breathability plays a main role here, same as fabric selection, and to make it clear, not all the skins are the same. So what can be good for your best friend doesn’t have to be the best option for you.



As we just saw in the previous point, yes it is. And again, everything depends on what kind of activity you perform, how your skin responses to the different materials, but always try to use soft fabrics that keeps you fresh, taking the moisture away, and dries quick. In this way, your zone is going to be more protected from infections and irritation. Cotton and Modal are the two top kind of materials you should use. Modal is a great for warmer temperatures and is excellent at wicking moisture away from the body.

If you sweat a lot, you need smooth and soft microfibers so your skin can breathe, at the same time that it takes humidity away making it an excellent option for many athletes.



Short answer: Yes, it is. Men’s lingerie has now so many options that almost everybody gets the perfect style or design they’ve been looking for. It is made in so many different materials and cuts that you can easily find one garment that fits in the best ways to your needs. Colors and prints on men’s lingerie are so diverse and make you feel so different from usual underwear and that is what makes it special.

If you are adventurous you can try some garters or bodysuits, wrapping your body in soft fabrics that sum sensuality to a special occasion. Forget about basic colors, you can wear neon colors, gradients, animal prints, faux leather, and if you chose the right sizing, so the feeling will be as comfortable as any other garment you wear before.



Besides special fabrics like lace or mesh, men’s lingerie also offers vibrant colors and sometimes we do not know what to choose. When it comes to fashion, usually the answer is going to be: Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Black underwear gives us that luxurious and elegant feeling, and that’s why our customers prefer black when it comes to underwear, basic or sexy lingerie. But also, you can take in account some other aspects, like you skin tone, the occasion, your complete outfit, and other related topics so you can make a statement when you use your lingerie. Red is another top color, it is so sexy and enhance your assets in the best way.

But don’t forget that vivid colors like orange, green, even pink can be great to wear, lingerie give us the option to be creative, we can combine it with accessories, depending on the mood or role you are playing, it can be so fun and bring so much sexiness to the bedroom as your imagination allows it.   



Daily. If by any reason you keep your underwear two days in a row it is A-OK if it doesn’t happen so often. On this matter, hygiene is very important, and you know your body is sweating and your intimate region has delicate skin, our parts are covered day and night which makes those areas moist and dark creating a perfect environment for bacteria, so, daily hygiene, proper cleaning and changing often your underwear will keep you away from skin irritation, or infections that can be a real headache.



After each wear. It is covering our private parts, so after a whole day, or an intensive workout at the gym, our skin was exposed to sweat, moisture and maybe bacteria, so, to avoid any kind off skin issues, infections and others related, we should wash it after each wear, besides, who wants to use some sweaty and stinky clothing? No one. It is not attractive or sexy at all, so please, clean those babies every time you use them.



Freedom! It is the first word that comes to my mind when I hear commando, aka no underwear. Let’s be honest, everybody enjoys going commando once in a while. And actually it is good and more common than you think. You know that feeling when you come to your home at night after a whole day in the office with that perfect suit and finally you can take it off? Exactly, the same feeling is reached for our parts when we liberate them from clothing just for a while.

Even some studies say that sleeping totally naked brings benefits to our bodies.  Why? Because the skin is breathing, it doesn’t have any fabric on it, so there’s more airflow, and you could sleep a little cooler, both of which can be good things. So if you do not have any skin issues you can go on commando any other day, not a big deal. Enjoy the feeling!



All of it? Just kidding. The usual and most recommended is having around 15 to 20 pairs of underwear. Why? Well, lots of reasons: If you do not wear them so often, you are not going to wash them that often too, which means they can be use longer than if you are regularly putting them on laundry. Also, having this amount will give you the chance to have basics, and other cheekier designs, and you can combine them on your daily outfits depending on the activity.

Of course this concept can change and adapts to every specific case. Do you work out daily? So, make sure you have some extra pairs for that, and it will require changing more often. Same happens if you travel a lot, and have to stay away from home. Do you like to party on the weekends? So, you will also have a special section of garments for those nights. So it always depends on you, but take a base of a minimum items number to own and take it from there.



Please, always refer to the size chart we provide on each garment on our store. This is a very frequent question, and each brand has different sizing measurements. How can you know you’re buying the wrong size? If it twists, dig into the skin, and constrict your movement, you are choosing wrong. And no, too tight underwear is not sexy, and it can carry to bigger issues as itching or skin irritation.

We have to be very honest when we are buying our underwear. Usually it is going to be wear the whole day, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and insecure because a garment doesn’t fit properly. Take your measurements and know your body really well, so you can choose the right size and it will as smooth as wearing a glove.

Next time, don't be so shy. Just write to us and let us know what do you want to know about underwear. Don't forget check all the fantastic collections we have for you to complete your perfect outfit. 


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