What’s the best type of men’s underwear for working out?

All the tips you should know before buying your
sporty underwear to make the best choice.

The last thing you should be worried about during your workout is how your junk feels. Choosing the right underwear is a must when you are going to develop these high performance activities. It doesn’t matter if you're making a smooth gym routine, hitting the pavement to log some miles, or kicking up the intensity of your leg press, feeling comfortable, fresh and secure during your workout should be the number one priority.

One of the most frequent questions we get is “what is the best underwear for working out?” Sport Underwear for this kind of activities has to fit to the form of the runner, preventing chafing of one of your most valuable areas.



In sport men’s underwear, traditional briefs would provide you the most support for your privates. They offer great freedom of motion. Also, because they’re smaller and cover less of your body, they’re less prone to malfunctions.

The appearance is clearly not for everyone. But their functionality is undeniable.


Boxers are not the favorite men’s underwear for everyone. While some men may prefer to leave their family jewels unencumbered, others do not. When it comes to workout underwear, there’s no debate on this subject.

You need support in order to have a comfortable workout, prevent wardrobe malfunctions, and stropping your sweat from getting on the equipment. Yes, boxers offer the best ventilation in theory but not necessarily in practice. It’s like saying that you’ll have the best ventilation at home if you open the windows.

If you have to go with boxers, what you really want are boxer briefs. A boxer brief is like a 2-1 boxer and brief.


Boxer briefs are also comfortable. They provide adequate support for your genitals, unlike boxers.

While many consider briefs to be more comfortable overall, boxer briefs win the comfort debate when it comes to workouts. Their design and extra coverage (down the thighs) will help you avoid chafing when running, riding a bike, doing CrossFit training, and so on.


One of the most important aspects when you are choosing your sport underwear is the materials that are being used. They’re responsible for comfort, breathability, durability, flexibility, hygiene, odor control, and so on.

Also, materials like cotton will absorb sweat and microbes, which can lead to yeast infections. The best running underwear is breathable where you need it.

So how to pick the right material for you? It will often depend on how your body reacts to certain materials. Workout underwear for men is often made from polyester, nylon, and/or combinations of those materials with spandex (for the extra flexibility).

It’s hard to tell which one is the best. It may depend on either how you feel or on what sport or type of workout you’re doing. How flexible do you need to feel? How much support do you need in that area?


You can’t have a good workout without also working up a good sweat. That and feeling the burn is how you know you’re doing things right and pushing your body to achieve great results. Athletic or workout underwear is usually breathable but obviously not all of them are created equal.


Men’s workout underwear is designed to stretch. You shouldn’t have to worry about the fabric tearing after a long workout or after a few washing machine cycles. They’re far more likely to deteriorate if you overheat them in the dryer, which can really mess up the elastics over time.



How is workout underwear supposed to fit? Snug would be one way to put it. But, there’s a fine line between feeling snug and feeling constrained. When the underwear feels binding, you can expect to feel pinching or general discomfort, especially when you’re running or doing leg exercises.

You should also consider how long or short the underwear should be. In the case of boxer briefs, they can cover just a few inches of your thighs or go down close to your knees. The longer the underwear, the lower the risk of chafing. And, it’s also less likely that they won’t ride up when you’re using your legs in high-intensity exercises. But all of that may come at the cost of breathability

Making sure you're equipped with the right type of underwear while working out can help save you from awkward stares at the gym, keep you from needing to adjust yourself between reps (yes, women notice), and it can wick away sweat below the belt.

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